Sparkly Playground Anniversary Giveaway!

Sparkly Playground Prizes

Prizes for Sparkly Playground Giveaway (Click for full image)

I present you all with another giveaway that you would like to enter! Joyce Wong, the writer of the amazing blog Sparkly Playground, is having a giveaway to celebrate her blog turning 1 years old and her Youtube truning 2! Congratulations!!!!!!!!  \ ( ^ . ^ ) / For her giveaway, there will be 2 winners. The giveaway will end on 2nd August. Continue reading


The Product Whore’s Fruity Giveaway!


Image from The Product Whore

Yet another giveaway….but i looooooove them!!!!!From the picture you can tell that all the prizes are fruit related which i think is adorable!!! This giveaway is being held by The Product Whore. If you love fruit and are loving the prizes even more…ENTER!!

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An awesome giveaway


Image from No Beauty Limits (click for full picture)

Hey everyone!! i’m pretty new to wordpress so i apologize if i’m really late ^^ unfortunately it is not me who is hosting this giveaway … Mie of the blog ‘No Beauty Limits’ is having a ‘You Go Gal Giveaway’!! The prizes are amazing including circle lenses which i’m starting to love and a lot of gyaru style items. There will be 2 winners, a grand prize winner and a runner up. the competition ends on July 3rd 12:00am PST. Please make sure you follow the rules which are on the blog post (linked below).

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Welcome to my little thought bubble

hi everyone!! I thought it’s about time that i start a blog. There’s so many things that I’ve been wanting to do after being inspired by other people…I think it’s about time I put these thoughts into action. A project that I’ve started but not gotten round to is writing fanfics. I’ve had so many ideas, I haven’t been able to sit down and write them all out. Also I like to do nail art inspired by stuff i see. I love jewellery, making and collecting, which are inspired by J-pop and mostly K-pop artists or just things that I love. I also love art and photography so there might be some random posts of my artwork.

That’s only part of what I might do, if I write it all, it’ll take me my whole lifetime to. Anyway, surprises are fun 🙂 See you another time ^^

Namika Deguchi