Super Kawaii Giveaway by Lipgloss Love Affair


Image from Lipgloss Love Affair (click for full sized image)

You can tell by the name what is going to come up…another giveaway! \(^.^)/ So this giveaway by Lipgloss Love Affair’s writer Kelly, contains everything a pink princess would ever want…If this sums you up, what are you doing just sitting there?!?! Enter now!!!

The prizes are (and there’s a LOT of them):

Essential Beauty Pink & Floral
Blush Brush, Kabuki Brush and Eyeshadow Brush

Sally Hansen Smile Brightening Lipgloss in “Gleaming”

Hello Kitty Lipgloss in Raspberry, Strawberry and Bubble Gum

Lotta Love Gelato Lip Balm

Japanese-style Bow headband

Argento SC Swarovski crystal bobby pins

Sugar Cookie Body Lotion
Strawberry bath bomb
Simple Pleasures Strawberry Mouse Shower Gel

Pink bead heart bracelet and fabric flower coin holder handmade by Honeybee Housewife

Rockstar Eye & Lip Palette sponsored by The Product Whore

Harajuku Lovers Cosmetic Bag

Harajuku Lovers snowbunny perfume in “Love”

Harajuku Lovers Candy from Dylan’s Candy Bar

Paris Hilton Heiress Diary sponsored by A Little Bit of Everything

Creative Buds “Fluff” earphones

French Connection Pink Aviator Sunglasses

e.l.f. nail polish in “coral”

Hello Kitty nail polish set
Nail Rose pink 3D nails

Primal Elements “Majesty” hand-made soap

Victoria’s Secret Beauty Rush Cheek Tint in “I Pink I Can”

Now that is what I call a SUPER DUPER giveaway!! And if you want your chance to get your hands on these amazing goodies (more images at giveaway page), enter HERE, following the requirement carefully. Best of Luck to all those who enter!! ^^

(All credits to Lipgloss Love Affair for the giveaway)

Namika Deguchi


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