Decoden MirrorI’ve really been obsessed with wanting to decoden stuff. So I decided to decoden a small silver compact mirror that I have. It’s also my contest entry for xkawaiix123’s contest. All the items on the mirror were handmade by me (but not the pearls). I just wish I had some decoden whip cream 😦 Ahh well, I like the looks of it. Tell me what you think of it!

More pictures and link to tutorial:

Decoden MirrorDecoden MirrorDecoden Mirror
Here is the tutorial of how I made the decoden mirror.

Namika Deguchi


3 thoughts on “Decoden!!

    • wow that’s so cool!! i can’t decoden that much coz here in England the rhinestones cost soooo much!! about £3 a reel and you don’t even get that many gems in the reel (T.T) i’ll need to go online and look for some (^.^)

  1. Aww that’s so cute!
    I’ve only recently found out about decoden but now I’m obsessed! I did a small paractice DIY phone case using some swarovski crystals but I’ve now got a little big for my boots and i’ve decided i want to decorate everything I’m currently blinging out my Ipod lol, it sucks that I have to wait so long for supplies though as they are mainly shipped from Hong Kong it doesnt seem to be so popular here in the UK. Etsy is great for Decoden supplies though.

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