Glitter Obsession’s 400 & 500 Follower Giveaway!!


Click to read more about this great giveaway…

Kaki of the blog, Glitter Obsession, is having a giveaway for reaching 400 and 500 followers!! Congratulations to her!! \(^o^)/~

So what are the prizes I hear you asking? Well, for two lucky people, they will receive:

1 Finger Paints Asylum (mostly blue and red with flashes of gold)
1 Finger Paints Motley (blue with flashes of green and turquoise)
1 Finger Paints Flecked (green with blue and aqua flashes)
1 Finger Paints Flashy (red/green/gold, likened to Nubar 2010)

which look like this:

Finger Paints Nail Polishes

Finger Paints nail polishes in Asylum, Flashy Flecked and Motley over black nail polish

So to get your hands on these all you have to do is go to the giveaway page HERE, follow the requirements, fill out the form and that’s it!! As simple as pie!!

Good Luck to all those who enter!!

Namika Deguchi


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